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Greece, Ionian Islands, Lefkada
Cape Doukato, Lefkada island, Greece

Lefkada is a beautiful island in the Ionian islands, with plenty of options for vacationers. Whether you’re looking to stay in the mountains, on the coast, or by a famous beach, there’s something available for everyone! In this post, we’ll go over some of the best locations in Island of Lefkada and which ones are worth considering when booking your next vacation.

How far is Lefkada from Athens?

Lefkada island is located in the Ionian Sea in the Western part of Greece, and it’s about 350 kilometers from Athens. You can drive to Lefkada from the Greek mainland, as it is connected by a causeway and bridge. The driving time from Athens to Lefkada is around five hours. There are no direct ferries from Athens to Lefkada, but there are ferries to nearby islands and then further connections to Lefkada.

Does Lefkada Have an Airport?

Lefkada, a beautiful island in Greece, does not have its own airport. However, the nearest airport is Aktion National Airport (also known as Preveza Airport), located approximately 20 kilometers from Lefkada. This airport serves both domestic and international flights, making it a convenient entry point for visitors to the island. From Aktion National Airport, travelers can reach Lefkada by car or taxi, crossing a causeway that connects the island to the mainland.

How many days do you need in Lefkada in order to enjoy your holidays?

Lefkada can be enjoyed in one or two days. We recommend a minimum of three nights to take in the island’s full potential. One week is the recommended duration for those looking to explore this beautiful Greek Island more deeply and enjoy its natural beauty, history, and culture as well as many other activities like a full-day sea kayaking tour or other such as cycling tours, etc.

Nidri – The best area to stay in Lefkada

Nidri is the best place to stay in Lefkada for all ages and tastes. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing summer holiday in the Ionian Islands or an action-packed adventure, Nidri has it all. The beautiful beaches of Nidri are perfect for families with children who want to swim, snorkel, or have fun on the beach while parents enjoy some peace and quiet with their favorite book. For those seeking a more active vacation, you can book a day cruise with lunch . Nidri offers plenty of hiking trails that lead up into the mountains where you can explore ancient ruins that date back to 1200 BC!

Among the best hotels to stay in Nidri are Philipos Studios and Villa Veneziano

Lefkada Town – The capital

Concrete Houses Along the Brick Road
Photo by Stoyana Devedzhieva | From Pexels

Lefkada town is an excellent choice for a weekend away from the more touristy areas. It’s only 20 minutes by car to our local airport and there are plenty of beaches nearby where you can enjoy some sunbathing!

Not many tourists know of the town since it is not close to any major attractions, but those who do find themselves pleasantly surprised. You can still get a taste for locals’ lives by shopping at their stores and eating in restaurants that are often bustling with activity – unlike some other popular destinations where there might be nothing going on during your stay.

This town is packed with interesting attractions, from museums that offer history lessons on gramophones to the majestic Castle of Agia Mavra and Faneromeni Monastery.

Down by the harbor, families can come and find souvenirs of their trip. Restaurants line around the marina’s quayside to offer people a great place to sit outside with food or drinks while watching yachts and motorboats coming in from afar.

The best hotels to stay in Lefkada town include Semiramis Hotel and The Secret Boutique Hotel

Nikiana – The best place to stay in Lefkada with your family

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Lefkada that’s totally away from it all, Nikiana might be just the ticket. It has everything: great sea views, beautiful beaches, and authentic Greek seafood restaurants – only 10km outside of town!

Nikiana, as charming and idyllic a fishing village as you can imagine. Unlike the more famous towns on this coast, such as Lefkada or Nidri, Nikiana is only one street long with its small harbor that has become something of an ex-pat hangout for those who seek relaxation in quiet surroundings over nightlife options like buses full of tourists visiting nearby beaches every day.

From here, you can also plan trips to other coves, bays and beaches in Lefkada with your children. There is a great selection for visitors on their way through the Ionian Sea!

If you are looking for the best beach hotels in Nikiana, we recommend Crystal Waters and Porto Galini Seaside Resort & Spa

Agios Nikitas – The best white sand beaches on the island

Lefkada is a beautiful island with some amazing beaches to visit. However, Agios Nikitas might be the best place to stay if you’re looking for something that combines breathtaking scenery and comfort in Lefkada.
Located just 12km from Lefkada Town and 40 minutes away from the airport, this village provides all of your needs as it sits on one of these breathtaking coasts amid local olive farms orchards where citrus fruits grow plentifully in rich soil, making up spectacular hillsides surrounded by forests made out cypress trees at night time lighting up brilliantly contrasting against starry skies set within lush green fields providing an excellent view across the neighboring islands!

Agios Nikitas is an excellent option for those looking to stay in Lefkada island. The village has an abundance of luxury villas. You will find fantastic boutique hotels and self-catering apartments that will make your vacation one you’ll never forget with plenty of bars and taverns where you can enjoy excellent evening meals with friends or loved ones. You can also take a stroll around the harbor before retiring on the terrace at night. What more could anyone want?

The best places to stay in Agios Nikitas are and Pantheon Villas


In conclusion, Lefkada is a stunning island in the Ionian Sea, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and accessibility. While it is approximately 350 kilometers from Athens, the drive is scenic and manageable within five hours, thanks to the convenient causeway and bridge connection. Whether you’re planning a road trip or looking for alternative travel options, Lefkada is a must-visit destination. At Spasso, we specialize in finding the best deals on flights and hotels, not only in Lefkada but also for destinations around the world. Be sure to check us out for affordable travel options and start planning your dream vacation today!

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