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The City of Edmonton was traddiontally a fur trading fort by the Hudson Bay Company. Nestled on the banks of the North Saskatchewan river this old, yet modern city has many historical landmarks. Be sure to take part in some living history museums like Ukranian Village, Fort Edmonton Park, the Art Gallery of Alberta. Travel further afield and also the area's untamed wildlife and nature will astound you.

Being large and northernly city a large portion of attractions are inside, this means Edmonton is a fun and hospital city to enjoy year round with plent to do. If you're in town during the summer be sure to take advantage of North Americas Largest urban parkland and the many blooming gardens. Dubbed the “festival city” Edmonton has a comfortable average summertime temperature of 22°C. With frequent festivals all year round you will need to book your cheap flights to Edmonton an average of 45 to 60 days before departure.

Alternatively, the autumn season is just as nice. Come to Edmonton in September to embrace the many colours of the many parks and street art during this time of year cheap airline tickets are much easier to find.  If you're coming in Spring, April and May has often beautiful sunny weather with falling plane ticket prices but be prepared for some cooler temperature.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flights to YEG

If you've booked a cheap flight to Edmonton and you're from another country you may need a visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA). You may be visa excempt if you are a resident of Canada or from the United States but it's always good to double check with Immigration Canada.

The average flight time varies from your point of temparture. If you are flying from a Canadian city you my want to look at these common routes:

  • Fort McMurrayto Edmonton: 50 minutes
  • Calgary to Edmonton: 55 Minutes
  • Toronto to Edmonton: 3 hours 30 Minutes
  • Vancouver to Edmonton: 1 hour 30 minutes

The Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel is a Trendy 4-star Choice that's directly linked to Edmonton International Airport and is situated less than 10 kilometres away from the popular Castrol Raceway and new outlet shopping centre.

Discover the most popular skiing season in Edmonton, with ideal weather featuring colder temperatures and increased snowfall during January. Edmonton Ski Club attracts both tourists and locals seeking an unforgettable winter adventure. For those planning to explore multiple ski mountains or resorts in the Edmonton area, don't miss the allure of Sunshine Village, a favorite destination among Spasso users.

The minimum age for a child to fly alone is five years old. However, it's important to note that airlines providing an unaccompanied minor (UMNR) service may have their own specific age restrictions, which could include rules concerning flight duration, timings, and layovers.

To ensure you meet the airline's requirements and guidelines for unaccompanied minors, we highly recommend checking with the specific airline you are booking with for your trip to Edmonton Airport. This way, you can have a hassle-free travel experience and be well-informed about any age-related restrictions or additional services offered for young travelers.

The required travel and health documents for your Edmonton Airport trip may differ based on your specific itinerary and personal situation. As a general guideline, it's advisable to carry multiple documents, including a national ID card or driver's license, along with a passport that remains valid for at least six months after your intended arrival at Edmonton Airport.

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