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How can you know when you have found the very best key lime pie? It is an issue a flavor and view, but a lot in the know often prefer a graham cracker crust, a no-bake filling, and whipped cream topping.

Most creamy, flavorful Florida Keys fans probably have their own thoughts about what makes the perfect pie. We believe Kenney Chesney nailed it most of us in his tune about key lime pie using the words “not sour, not too sweet.”

 It's extra special

Did you know there is a song about key lime pie? It's true!. And you can bet your last doubloon that if someone sits down and lovingly writes a tune about a slice of pie, and folks happily sing along to this song, well, you understand that this is not just any old confection. You are dealing with something uniquely unique.

It is so unique, in actuality, that the Florida legislature in 2006 even termed Key lime pie the “Official Pie of the State of Florida.”

So, what's so unique about this pie created from essential limes? We believe that it's unique because of its intimate affiliation with all the Florida Keys, along with the fantastic joys available there.

The hot sun on your beaming down on your back, the visual magnificence of clear turquoise waters and endless blue sky, amazing fishing, as well as superior diving, all topped off with a totally laid-back way of life's daily concerns add up to make those agreeable Keys memories, which is actuated even on the coldest, snowiest, or wettest of times by a generous piece of the creamy, flavorful yellow pie.

 Key lime pie recipes

Apart from this page's Advice on what Gets the best key lime pie, we Have included just for you a Few Special key lime pie recipes for All Those occasions when you have a hankering for the Glowing yellow-sunshine flavor of the Florida Keys:

The Best Key Lime Pie Recipe: That is the conventional dish, made how Aunt Sally, the Key West cook credited with inventing this fantastic dessert, likely made hers. A lot of men and women think it to be the ideal recipe.

Easy Key Lime Pie — If you can not create or do not need a classic key lime pie (sorry, Aunt Sally), here is how you can improvise.

 How to make the Best Key Lime Pie

Today, there are a variety of key lime pie recipes, but the traditional filling contains the following:

  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 14-oz can of sweetened, condensed milk
  • 1/2 cup of key lime juice

Now, we are no pie specialists, so we get our advice about making the best key lime pie from individuals such as Steve Tarpin, proprietor of Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies, at Brooklyn. Steve grew up in Miami, where he discovered the secrets of creating a fantastic key lime pie. And he has been making his pies for more than 30 decades.

Steve states the best pies begin with all the best ingredients. For example, he uses only fresh squeezed key lime juice, none of that bottled stuff. He says bottled juice is fine” if you're stripping paint removing rust,” however, it shouldn't ever go into a pie.

Speaking of key limes, how are they different from regular limes? The limes recognizable to most of us are Persian limes, sold in just about every grocery store in the USA. Key limes, in comparison with Persian limes, are smaller, rounder (about the size of a ping pong ball) and more aromatic and sour. Plus, they are usually more yellow than green. The ones pictured here are a little on the green side. Squeeze the juice from a dozen or so key limes, along with your entire kitchen will take to a fresh lime scent.

Limes from key largo

Fresh Milk — Instead of the traditional canned sweetened, condensed milk, Steve orders refreshing sweetened, condensed milk in five-gallon buckets hauled into means of a refrigerated truck. Steve says that fresh milk is much better quality than what's accessible from a can.

It's possible to make your personal sweetened, condensed milk at home, but it involves an hour or so of carefully stirring hot but not boiling milk, and that we find to be an immense pain. Besides, the 1st time we tried, it didn't work out. We wound up with key lime soup in a pie shell rather than a pie. So, We simply use the canned variety.

Pasteurized Eggs — For your pie filling, Steve prefers what he calls the “fill and cool method” instead of baking the pie for a time within an oven. Steve says heating changes the filling's taste and consistency. To prevent salmonella poisoning, Steve uses pasteurized egg yolks out of a carton.

To create a “chill and fill” pie in your home, you can buy Davidson's Safest Choice pasteurized shell eggs.

Fresh Eggs for your Key Lime pie

Graham Cracker Crust –Steve makes his own pie crusts from specially ordered high-quality trans-fat free Graham cracker crumbs, and 100 percent pure butter.

Ese two cups of Keebler Graham cracker crumbs to which I mix in a little more than a half cup of pure melted unsalted butter.


Now you're on your way to baking your own, home-made, fresh, key lime pie! We hope you enjoyed this recipe.

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