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Why Visit Kefalonia?

Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, is a paradise for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike. With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and dramatic landscapes, it offers a perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and adventure. The island boasts charming villages, ancient ruins, and the breathtaking Melissani Cave, where you can marvel at the beauty of an underground lake. Kefalonia's rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality make it an ideal destination for an unforgettable Greek island getaway.

When is it Cheapest to Travel to Kefalonia?

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The Best time to visit Kefalonia

The cheapest time to travel to Kefalonia is typically during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to early June) and fall (September to October). During these periods, flight prices are generally lower, and the island is less crowded, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without the peak season rush. Additionally, the weather is still pleasantly warm, making it an ideal time for sightseeing and outdoor activities while taking advantage of more affordable accommodations and travel deals.

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Routes to Kefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou

Transportation fromKefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou

Transportation from Kefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou to various parts of the island is convenient and offers several options:

  1. Car Rental: Numerous car rental agencies operate at the airport, providing the flexibility to explore the island at your own pace. Booking in advance can often secure better rates.
  2. Taxis: Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals terminal. The fare to Argostoli, the island's capital, is reasonable and takes about 15 minutes. Ensure you confirm the fare with the driver before starting your journey.
  3. Airport Shuttle: Some hotels offer shuttle services to and from the airport. It's best to check with your accommodation provider if this service is available.
  4. Public Buses: The local bus service (KTEL) operates routes connecting the airport to various destinations on the island. However, the schedule can be limited, so it's advisable to check the timetable in advance.
  5. Private Transfers: For a more personalized service, private transfer companies offer pre-booked rides to your destination. This option provides comfort and convenience, especially if you have a lot of luggage or are traveling in a group.

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Frequently asked questions about flights to Kefalonia

Kefalonia is served by a single airport, Kefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou (EFL).

Kefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou (EFL) is conveniently located just 6 kilometers from downtown Kefalonia.

The best airport to fly into for Kefalonia is Kefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou (EFL), which is only 6 kilometers from the city center. Alternatively, Zakynthos Airport is another option, but it is 56 kilometers away.

Kefalonia is accessible via 6 airlines operating flights from 11 different airports worldwide.

Some of the most well-known airlines flying to Kefalonia include Olympic Air and Sky Express, with Olympic Air frequently operating flights from Athens.

The most popular routes to Kefalonia depart from London, Athens, and Greater Manchester airports.

Flight times to Kefalonia vary depending on your departure city. From Athens, the flight takes approximately 59 minutes. Flights from London are about 3 hours and 26 minutes, and from Zakynthos, it takes around 25 minutes.

To book the cheapest flight to Kefalonia, consider these tips:

  • Book your flight well in advance.
  • Check if your destination has multiple airports and compare prices.
  • Compare prices across different airlines.
  • Be ready to book quickly if you find a great deal.

Preparation is key for a comfortable flight. Here are some tips:

What to pack in your hand luggage:

  • Basic toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant)
  • A change of clothes
  • A good book or entertainment device
  • Electronic gadgets and chargers
  • Essential medications
  • A neck pillow
  • Passport, travel documents, and credit cards

Do not pack the following items in your hand luggage:

  • Sharp objects like Swiss Army knives
  • Explosive or flammable items (aerosols, fuel)
  • Liquids and gels over 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters)

What to wear on a flight:

  • Comfortable, layered clothing to adjust to temperature changes
  • Flat, closed-toed shoes for comfort and safety
  • Compression socks to reduce the risk of DVT

To make your flight to Zakynthos more comfortable, stay hydrated, bring snacks, and pack entertainment like books or movies. Wear comfortable clothing and consider travel pillows for added comfort.

Of the airlines that fly to Zakynthos, Sky Express offers the most flights, with around 14 per week, followed by Olympic Air with 12 flights per week.